Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beautiful Southern Colorado

So spur of the moment we decided to go camping for labor day. Our destination, Mesa Verde. It was such a good idea. We were excited to see a part of Co. we hadn't been to,  have some quality family time, sleep in a sturdy tent, (2 man)  all 5 of us, and a promising weather forecast... maybe, we hadn't really checked.  It ended up being memorable, to say the least. Some of the highlights:
  The stop at the sand dunes (another last minute decision, and 2 hr detour) was well worth it. I don't know why it's so fun to jump and roll around in sand. It just is. 
  Finding acorns with Spencer, he had never seen them before!
Sleeping through the rain and thunder storm at 8500 ft, in the tiniest tent ever.
  Playing  "Old Maid"  Sunday night in our tent while the rain poured around us. *note, if someone has a sneaky smile when you take their card, it is probably the Old Maid.
Exploring ancient ruins with the kids.
Driving home through groves of aspens and towering peaks... so breathtaking.
  And yes, I'd been dying to get a family picture, our last one was before Hazey was born, so with a lot of bribing about Mcdonalds and stuff, well...